Swimming Pool Repair

What Type of Swimming Pool Repair Do You Need?

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Swimming Pool Liner Repair

The most common type of pool repair is usually something relating to the liner; weather it’s a tear, bubble or fading, we have the know-how to make sure your pool is repaired and ready for summer!

Vinyl Liner Problems and Solutions

Fading or Discoloration: One of the most common swimming pool liner problems is fading or discoloration of the material due to sun exposure or damage. This problem usually occurs when there are long stretches of sun hitting the exposed liner day after day. Swimming pool covers are great for preventing this, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. American Pools and Spas can help repair or replace your liner and provide guidance on how to prevent this from happening again.

Rips and Tears: Actual tearing of your liner is a major problem that all pool owners are all too aware of; if you have a small tear in your liner, it can usually be repaired pretty easily for a low cost. If this problem goes untreated, it could lead to a much more expensive job.

Bubbles or Edging Issues: The amount of pressure on a liner is extremely high, so sometimes the liner can actually shift or bubble due to a loose stretch of Vinyl. Similar to a tear, this could eventually lead to needing to replace the entire liner, but if caught early, it can usually be repaired fairly easily.

Concrete or Fiberglass Liner Problems and Solutions

Although Fiberglass, Gunite, and Cement repairs are not a service provided by American Pools and Spas, it is an issue that should be addressed by a professional.

Cement or Fiberglass Cracks: A crack in your swimming pool can be a serious problem and should definitely be handled by a professional as quickly as possible. These types of cracks are usually caused by the pressure of water on the cement/fiberglass or the shifting of soil below the pool. 

Slumps and Bulges: If you notice any changes in the shape of your pool, similar to a divot or bulge in the ground, you may have a serious problem. These issues are caused by a shift of soil or material beneath your swimming pool that cause unwanted pressure or lapses in the pool wall. There are solutions to this problem, but it can completely ruin a swimming pool if not taken care of.

Resurfacing or Replastering: Most cement and fiberglass swimming pools have a coating that helps protect and seal the base material used to shape the pool. Overtime, this coating can become faded or worn due to activity and sunlight. One great way to prevent major issues from occurring is to have this coating re-surfaced. We highly recommend you have a professional come out and take a look if you are unsure.

Swimming Pool Plumbing or Lighting Repair

Anyone who owns a pool has probably come across some type of plumbing issue over the years, which are definitely no fun. There are several things that can go wrong with a pool filtration system, overflow or lighting system and these types of repairs should definitely be left to the experts.

Swimming Pool Leaking and Drainage Problems

Leaks: If you are having issues with your filtration system or are aware of a leak somewhere in the pool, we highly recommend you have someone came out and look at the problem as soon as possible. Our swimming pool experts can help quickly identify where the leak is coming from and provide the best recommendation to efficiently fix the problem. However for undetectable leaks, sometimes a leak detection service may be needed.

Drainage: Proper drainage is extremely important to any home with a pool to ensure no damage occurs during heavy rain. If excess water runs into the pool cavity with poor drainage it could cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home or property. If you believe there you are having swimming pool drainage issues or perhaps a clog; please contact us to help diagnose the problem.

Swimming Pool Lighting Issues

Lighting: Anytime you are dealing with water and electricity together, there is no room for chance. Proper lighting helps provide a fun and safe experience for night-time pool activities. It could be a simple as a bulb or as complicated as new wiring; our experts are here to help.