Automatic Pool Cleaners

Dolphin M Series Cleaners

by Maytronics

Models available for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools

Brings technology and innovation to pool cleaning in a way that many pool owners never thought possible.  It does this through clever clean technology which prevents the cleaner from wandering aimlessly. It also features scrubbing brushes and durable tracks which allow it to clean closer to the pool surface than other robotic cleaners.  All M series cleaners include a portable caddy offering maximum portability and storage.

Aside from being an effective cleaner. The Dolphin is also very low cost to operate.



Polaris Cleaners by Zodiac


Zodiac continues to lead its market after buying competitors Polaris and Barracuda to produce high quality and cost-efficient pool cleaners. Performing at their best, Zodiac cleaners reduce energy costs by reducing work and saving water by reducing the need for backwashing.