Doughboy Pools

Doughboy Above Ground Pools are the single most adaptable pools on the market today. Their unparalleled strength and quality have been legendary all over the world since Doughboy invented the first portable pool over 55 years ago. With the largest variety in styles, shapes and sizes, Doughboy has the perfect pool for your family’s fun while enhancing the beauty of your backyard. Doughboy is the the only above ground pool manufacturer that produces virgin-vinyl liner material made to original Doughboy specifications and are available in a variety of decorative patterns. Another exclusive is “true” expandable liners that increase pool depth up to 7 feet for an optional “Special Purpose Swimming Area”

The Doughboy Copper Canyon design brings a mixture of beauty and elegance to help transform your South Carolina backyard. As timeless as the classics, this beautiful pool will bring an “old world” feel to your new space and provide you with a great space to entertain family and guests.


Doughboy Copper Canyon

48″ and 52″ sidewalls

Large 6″ steel verticals

Wide 7″ Top Rails




Silver Lake

52″ Steel Frame Pool

6″ Steel Top Rails

6″ Steel Verticals




48″ & 52″ Steel Frame Pool

6″ Steel Top Rails

3″ Steel Verticals 



Palm Shore

52″ Steel Frame Pool

8½” Steel Top Rails

7″ Steel Verticals


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