Liner Installation & Repair

Swimming Pool Liner    Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Vinyl liners add good looks while waterproofing your pool. A liner is a protective sheet between the water and the pool’s sides and bottom. Even the best liners may need occasional damage repair or even full replacement if the time comes. Above ground or inground, the liners can create an attractive touch for your lasting enjoyment.

According to, “vinyl allows for a custom shape and size, with no limitations — aside from your own imagination and space, of course!” Non-porous and algae resistant, vinyl liners are the low-cost option to concrete and fiberglass which are also limited in size and shape.


Swimming Pool Liner Installation

Some pool owners install vinyl liners on their own. But, it is a challenging do-it-yourself project for most. For starters, you must measure the pool accurately with all its variations in depth, cutbacks, or design features.

Inground pools need preparation with a thorough cleaning of floor and walls. All debris, dust, and standing water must be removed. Anything left on the floor or walls will be sealed by the liner for an unattractive appearance and rough feel.

Any cracks must be treated and corrected. And, if the base is sand, any remaining voids or depressions must be filled or leveled.

With an aboveground pool, the liner is hung from the frame and depends on the water volume to fill and hold the liner’s shape. But, this is all better left to the professionals.


Liner Repair

Super active play or sharp-edged pool equipment or tools can tear the vinyl. Small tears repair easily with vinyl liner patch kits. But, covering large tears with larger pieces of vinyl are susceptible to additional leaking in the future.

Small patches in corners or near steps, skimmers, or lights may not last. And, while walls can be treated once the water level is lowered, tears on the lower walls or floors must be mended underwater.


Liner Replacement

It may be 10 plus years away, but, liners will wear with age, and they may become stiff and brittle. When things seem to be getting worse and/or the color has faded, it’s time to replace the swimming pool liner.

The price for the liner depends on the size and shape of the pool and the condition of the coping and pool structure. But, as says, “The advantages to vinyl-lined pools are that the initial cost is lowest with them, and they can take a variety of shapes since the liner can be stretched to fit.”

The choice of liner design features and thickness of the vinyl affect the customer cost. A 20 to 27 mil thick vinyl works well for any well formed and constructed pool. But, quality, manufacturer, and point of origin can influence the price, too.

Customers who opt for the professional work by Columbia’s American Pools will pay for labor over the one to two-day job. They’ll install, repair, or replace your liner with Premier Vinyl Liners. Low maintenance, smooth to touch, and treated with anti-bacterial fungicide, Premier Vinyl brightens your pool with rich color and contemporary design.