Filter Service & Repair

Swimming Pool Filter Installation and Repair


A swimming pool filter system is not an accessory. Your pool is a swamp waiting to happen without continuous water flow and quality filtration. Good filtration is how a healthy pool works.

The water pumps through a cycle that includes systems that screen out the bacteria, debris, and dirt. Existing pool water flows through a bucket screener to catch the large debris, like leaves and twigs. This skimmer usually leads to a second basket that collects what the first screen missed.

It then enters the filtering operation:

Sand Filters

  • Large concrete, fiberglass, or metal containers holding a special-purpose square-edged sand. After the circulating water enters the tank, it seeps through the sand where those square edges catch the impurities. It then drains through drain manifolds and lateral pipes before recycling back to the pool or into drainage.

Different filtering systems use different filters, and the pool’s size and volume determine the best choice. American Pools in South Carolina has a team of experts that can service and repair any type of swimming pool filter.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters

This filter type is not specifically recommended by American Pools and Spas but has been installed frequently in our area in years past.

  • These filters hold natural materials that screen out microscopic impurities just as they do in natural environments that drain into water tables. The filters have a large surface area but are compressed into grids that sit in 2’ X 5’ X 2’ tanks depending on the square footage and gallon volume of the pool.
  • Pentair’s EasyClean™ D.E. Inground Filter, for example, uses a fiberglass-enforced propylene tank. It provides self-cleaning clear water and easy care with removable DE grid packs.
  • Hayward’s Perflex® Extended Cycle DE in ground pool filter system comes with a pump handle to clean its own flex-tubes. Durable and corrosion-free, it removes dirt as small as one micron. It will even filter out dust and pollen.
  • Pentair’s Sand Dollar® is an above ground filtering system. This sand filtering system uses a single, non-corrosive tank with an internal design that levels the sand bed for efficient performance and extended cycles.
  • Hayward’s ProSeries™ offers top-mount sand filters for small pools, above ground pools, and large aquariums. Its top diffuser spreads the incoming water across the sand bed before it processes through a self-cleaning lateral operation for balanced backwashing and efficient performance.

Install and Repair

American Pools helps you decide on the best filter system for your pool purchase or replacement. All filtering systems offered are warrantied and chosen for their ease of care. But, our manufacture-trained service technicians are ready to advise or repair if your pump needs repair or maintenance.